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2019 was bookclique’s second year, and thanks to our loyal readers, we have had many thousands of visits to our site! We feel so honored and happy to know that our collaborative project of bringing attention to great books each week has resonated so well with so many people. If you love to get our weekly book download, please subscribe and encourage your friends who love books to do the same.

bookclique reviews offer fresh, brief, and original content every week. We do our best to review titles across genre and perspective while recognizing that our social identities and backgrounds inform our choices. We believe in promoting the work of contemporary authors and lean toward amplifying women’s voices.

Below is a recap of the 2019 bookclique picks, many of which went on to win book awards! Thanks to the amazing bookclique bloggers — English teachers, students, and writers, all — who bring their intelligence, humor, and care to each and every review. It is an honor to be part of such an inspiring and inspired network.

Jessica Flaxman

Jessica Flaxman created bookclique in 2018 with English teaching colleagues, writerly friends, and former English students. An avid reader and supporter of literary arts, Jessica is delighted to see bookclique continue to grow in its fifth year under Laura Dickerman's gimlet editorial eye.